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    Hi all,

    Everyone’s experience is unique and interesting, there are many unsung heroes out there and we’d like to hear from you! Drop us a couple of lines next time so we can enrich these reports…

    In contrast with last NS report (a reflective look back, with cold head, analytical) this time we’ll be dealing with raw memories still quite vivid, thanks to:
    – The SUN that imprinted visual reminders on many, let’s call them “sun tattooes”
    – The still present aches and sore bodies (or is just me??)
    – A relatively tough course in unusual conditions, not PB friendly
    Long swim (~1850m in my watch, a few reported similar distances)
    Long T1 run after the swim
    A killer bike course in disguise (not exactly flat, and a bit long, ~42.3 km)
    A “sauna” run with ups and downs and stairs

    In summary, it was baking hot out there and nowhere to hide! Ivan Eustace said it well: “… a tough course made even tougher by hottest ever triathlon hosted in Ireland…” (possibly!).

    But hey, are we complaining of good weather … in Ireland … would you go back to the blustery, showery race days with top temperatures of 15C, or better get used to this??

    Support was great, both in terms of Piranha crew (Marlon again leading the charge in this department), encouragement between competitors, and the marshalls who were nearly as good as ourselves at Dublin City Triathlon.

    The timing system was a bit faulty with some astonishing splits, particularly from swim through T1, bike and T2, although run and finish times seem mostly ok.

    The rolling start, as Killian N. put it “is good as there is less chaos at the beginning of the swim, but then you’re less aware of your position during the race relative to others“. That was the case for a few of our top competitors.

    Harvested a couple of comments from some of our racers…

    Starting with usually flawless Tom McEnery, “I’m only human after all“, who cut his foot open 3 weeks ago:
    Q. “Hey Tom, did your foot hindered your run yesterday? Or perhaps lost a bit of fitness not being able to run for a couple of weeks?
    A. “A bit of both. Felt terrible from second half of the swim. Mainly lost fitness I guess, bonked on the cycle and ran out of much needed water for last 10k. Run was the worst I’ve ever had in a tri!​”

    Killian Nolan, top Piranha in this race, saw it this way:
    Heat was a huge factor. I rode hard from the start on the bike and I was sure I was seeing a mirage when I caught the mighty Tom McEnery about 30kms or so in on the bike but it wasn’t heatstroke, it was a stroke of luck! Tom will no doubt be back on form and better than ever soon.
    Run involved us all being baked and just trying to hold on. Ideally would’ve liked to run 37 mins but couldn’t sustain that pace in the heat. Super talented field with lots of household names in the top 10. Certainly gave me an idea of what is needed to be the best in the country not just club!

    Shane Gavin, one of the better runners in the club:
    Ye happy enough with run, would like to have broke 40 but those conditions were tough, zapped the energy. Good stuff, good company

    Brianne Mulvihill, who finished 4th female overall:
    Q. “I see you were just 55” off the podium yesterday, but great race in my view (looked pretty strong on the bike and run when I saw you passing), congrats! Were you happy with the performance? And swim split looks off (20:34), some of it went into T1 time (6:47)?
    A. “Yeah delighted with my result from yesterday. Wasn’t sure what position I was in during the race as I started way down at the back of the swim! Think I was in the 35-40min group but there wasnt any room to move forward. Yes, swim should have been around the 24:30, with a faster transition time.​”

    John Lyons:
    Q. “Did you overtake me on the bike? I don’t recall that (or in the run) but you finished 13′ ahead.
    A. “Yep I passed you on the return journey home on the bike. Surprised you didn’t see me when I took you over on the bike. We looked at each other for a second…“. John is slightly disappointed as missed third place in his age group by only 9 seconds.

    Matt Coughlan is still around, training hard, although not visible to many of us. As usual, he delivered a very good performance, finishing second Piranha home, wedging between Killian 1st and Cathal 3rd. Ross C., Tom McE, Ivan E. and Rob K. followed suit, the four of them within 2′.

    Ger Vowles travelled from a foreign country (Cork) to meet fellow Piranhas, I couldn’t understand a word but think he had a good time (just joking 🙂 ).

    Ivan “definitely not in good shape” Eustace flicked the switch and is now Ivan “the terrible” (, faring pretty well among youngster fellow piranhas. Whatever the past tribulations, he’s in for a kill now. Watch out!

    Pablo “delicate feet” (let’s talk in third person, like footballers), recycled his hotel slippers that comfortably brought him to the start, and after a pretty good swim (well, it’s true!) put them back to make sure of a “non blistering” run back to T1 (this one not sure everyone will get).

    Dara Lawlor felt a bit depleted before the start, his third race in 4 weeks after months in hibernation, and sensibly called it quits after swim I think, earning a position “-1” as per timing company, whatever that means…

    John Wallnutt seems to have adapted fairly well to his new bike, clocking a time of 17 seconds in that split, officially averaging 8929.3 km/h. Unsurprisingly, he felt “done”, picking up an injury after that and had to retire.

    Chairman and coach S. Moody was there supporting his athletes and everyone else in the club, with the usual banter. But is he turning more and more serious, what’s going on?

    – Results:

    – Sanitised spreadsheet:

    – Pics / Videos from WhatsApp group:

    – Pics from TI FB page:
    Gallery 1:
    Gallery 2:
    Gallery 3:

    – Videos from TI FB page:
    You can find them all here:
    Links to some:
    Men’s highlights:
    Women’s highlights:
    Swim start:
    Swim exit:
    Bike 39km mark:
    Men’s finish:
    Women’s finish:

    – TI report:

    Total 500 (16 DNFs)
    Piranha 65 (44 Male -3 DNFs-, 21 Female -no DNFs-), the highest number by clubs.
    Other clubs: 51 Pulse, 47 Belpark, 23 Kilkenny, etc.

    Overall race winners
    Constantine Doherty (02:00:05), club?
    Carolyn Hayes (02:15:58), Limerick TC

    Top 20 Piranha finishers
    Killian Nolan (19th, 02:15:20)

    Brianne Mulvihill (4th, 02:27:09)
    Shannon Kelly (6th, 02:32:34)

    Top 6 piranhas
    1. Killian Nolan +15:15 from winner
    2. Matt Coughlan +1:40
    3. Cathal O’Sullivan +2:36
    4. Ross Condy +2:30
    5. Tom McEnery +12″
    6. Ivan Eustace +43″

    1. Brianne Mulvihill +11:11 from winner
    2. Shannon Kelly +5:25
    3. Anne Morrissey +16:05
    4. Aine O’Sullivan +2:51
    5. Shannie Doyle +2:54
    6. Roisin Pakenham +1:07

    Top 6 AG placements
    Matt Coughlan (3rd, 35-39)
    Ivan Eustace (4th, 40-44)
    Gareth Robinson (4th, 44-49)
    John Lyons (4th, 55-59)
    Ross Condy (5th, 25-29)

    Shannon Kelly (1st, 20-24)
    Anne Morrissey (1st, 55-59)
    Brianne Mulvihill (2nd, 35-39)
    Liz Rouine (2nd, 55-59)
    Helen Dowdall (3rd, 50-54)
    Patricia Eadie (3rd, 60-64)

    Fastest Piranha splits
    1. Tom McEnery 22:20 (+2:07 from fastest)
    2. Matt Coughlan +1:20
    3. David Bradish +10″

    1. Brianne Mulvihill ~24:30 (+2:48 from fastest) *This is guesswork, as it showed 20:34 on results
    2. Shannon Kelly +16″
    3. Aine O’Sullivan +2:55

    1. Rob Keenan 2:42 (+1:07 from fastest – this looks off, but don’t know)
    2. Tom McEnery +1″
    3. Adam Goslin +1″

    1. Shannon Kelly 2:54 (+0:21 from fastest)
    2. Wini Gallagher +8″
    3. Miriam Grogan +1″

    1. John Wallnutt 17″ (Milky Way galaxy record) (8929.3 km/h !!)
    2. Shane Gavin +41:47 (61.3 km/h)
    3. Pablo Perez Rodriguez +19:32 (41.8 km/h, YES!!)

    Or, the most likely results 🙁
    1. Killian Nolan 1:06:59 (+4:30 from fastest)
    2. Cathal O’Sullivan +56″
    3. Matt Coughlan +4″

    1. Brianne Mulvihill 1:14:09 (+3:41 from fastest)
    2. Shannon Kelly +1:36
    3. Anne Morrissey +5:20

    1. Rob Keenan 54″ (+5″ from fastest)
    1. Adam Goslin +0″
    3. Cathal O’Sullivan +6″

    1. Brianne Mulvihill 1:09 (+14″ from fastest)
    2. Shannon Kelly +3″
    3. Roisin Pakenham +1″

    1. Killian Nolan 39:12 (+5:37 from fastest)
    2. Ian Allen +1:45
    3. Shane Gavin +7″

    1. Brianne Mulvihill 44:27 (+4:37 from fastest)
    2. Shannon Kelly +3:28
    3. Liz Rouine +2″

    • This topic was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by Pablo.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by Pablo.
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