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Dear members,

As you all know a successful DCT is the lifeblood of Piranha. It allows for the club to survive financially and heavily subsidises training.

For this reason, as part of your membership T&Cs, all members are obliged to volunteer to assist in the running of the race. It will be held on September 8 this year.

We look forward to you all helping to deliver the best race experience in Ireland again (race of the year awards don’t lie!) and I promise you will have a wonderful fun experience yourselves too – ask your clubmates, they do not lie either.

It is worth noting, however, the club has in place an exceptions policy that allows Piranhas who fall into one of two categories to compete:

1) Piranhas requiring NS points – those who are in contention for assisting the club teams in male, female or mixed teams or individually in contention for AG NS awards may be allowed to race, with committee approval.

2) Piranhas with history of club/DCT volunteerism – Exception may be made to allow Piranhas who satisfy the below qualifying criteria, also subject to committee approval:

– Current active and fully paid up member

– Member of the club for more than three years

– Have volunteered for two of the last three DCT

– Preference will be given to those who have also taken on additional club roles during the year

Interested Piranhas who feel they qualify under either of the above criteria can email [email protected],com outlining why they should be allowed race under this rule.

Submissions should be made no later than July 19 for consideration.

Please note that final decision on who gets to race is at the discretion of the committee and their decision is final.


The committee



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