National Series Round Up 2018

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NS Objective

The NS objective for PTC is to get as many members to complete at least one NS race and try to complete 4 NS races including at least 1 sprint and 1 Olympic

National Series Club championships


1st Piranha  2693 points

2nd Pulse    2572 points

3rd Cork     2557 points


1st Piranha    2728 points

2nd Belpark  2647 points

3rd Cork       2619 points


1st Piranha    2772 points

2nd Cork          2763 points

3rd Newry        2648 points

NS Team Scores


Becky            473
Brianne         459
Shannon       452
Vanessa       450
Nicola          433
Siobhan       424


Tom              468
Killian          462
Ross             456
Cathal         452
Richie         452
Dave O S    435

National Series Medal winners


Becky 2nd Overall
Shannon 1st 20-24
Brianne 1st 35-39
Vanessa 1st 45-49
Anne Morrissey 1st 55-59
Liz Rouine   2nd 55-59


Ross  2nd 25-29
Richie 3rd 25-29
Tom   1st  30-34

National Series facts and figures

Overall Piranha had a very good season of racing. Our 6 selected NS races were very well attended. The 6 Races were

  • Carlow Sprint
  • Hook or by cook Sprint
  • Cobh Olympic
  • Harbourman Olympic
  • Lough Rea Sprint
  • Pulse Portbeach Sprint

We had 136 members finish at least one national series race which is approx. 55% on the membership. Of the other 45% it’s a guess that 10% trainer for Ironman without completing any NS races and another 5% did a non NS race leaving 30% of members who did not do a triathlon in 2018. Of the 136 members who did race we completed 352 races and accumulated approx. 35,000 national series points and contributed approx. €24,000 to our sport in  NS race entry fees. As most of the members would be a member of TI or bought a one day membership we would have added about €8,000 to the TI bank balance. (full list of points  scores below)

Our top points scores were Becky and Tom with Becky our only overall podium finisher, finishing 2nd Overall in the national series and in the 6 races she completed was never outside of the top 3. In the men’s Tom finished 5th overall (while taking it easy for the season!). Our teams put in massive efforts across the board to make sure we took home all 3 titles and it would be unfair to single anyone out. More importantly we saw a big increase in our members taking on at least one NS race rising from 102 last year to 136  (45 ladies/ 91 men). Well done especially to everyone who completed their first triathlon.  Training starts now for 2019 !!!


National Series Final pts 2018


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