Piranha Cycle Skills Sessions – 24th and 31st March

Piranha Triathlon Club are keen to increase the cycle skills of our members and to this end are offering a series of training sessions led by Ian Cassidy, the club cycling coach. These are designed to assist members to develop the skills and know-how for group cycling in a secure and supportive group.

The course will be delivered over two Sundays – 24th March and 31st March.  Each session being between 1 to 2 hours.  Among other things, the course will cover:

  • Bike handling drills including proper cornering
  • Drafting and two-by-two cycling
  • Up and overs
  • Calling protocols and signalling
  • Pedal drills
  • Drinking while cycling
  • Basic maintenance including tyre pressure, changing a tube and bike lubrication
  • Bicycle Etiquette.

These sessions are limited to 14 people.  You must PM Marlon Major in order to register, and once registered you must attend.  In the event that you can’t attend please let Marlon know and he’ll add the next person in line.

We will confirm the time and location in the next week or so.


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