Piranha AGM 2019

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Please see below details of some new committee roles that are looking for volunteers.

Date: Saturday 12th October Location: Westwood Club, Clontarf Time: 10.30am


– Chairperson Intro
– Membership report
– Marketing report
– New to Tri report
– Training report
– Social report
– Treasurer’s Report
– National Series summary

1. Updated Club Constitution
Summary of Constitution changes:

New club code of conduct and disciplinary procedure, Increased committee size, updated committee roles and club officers, including Childrens Officer, Designated Liaison Officer and Womens Lead

2. Committee elections

Close and Any Other Business

Piranha Triathlon Club – Committee 2019 / 2020

The club invites nominations from interested members to fill a number of committee positions. The new committee will be elected at the AGM. If you are interested in any of the roles and/or require more details on what is involved please contact Claire (mailto:[email protected]) by Wednesday 2nd of October.

Chairperson – Paul O’Donovan will go forward for re-election

The Club Chairperson is responsible for coordinating the running and operation of the club, organising and chairing committee meetings with a view to defining and achieving club goals and objectives,   and   acting   as   an    official    club    contact    and    representative.    

Secretary – Claire Gorman is stepping down

Recording the minutes of all club meetings is one of the most important functions of the secretary. The secretary maintains the minutes in a club record book, which serves as the official record of the club’s activities. Member attendance records of both regularly scheduled and special meetings are maintained by the secretary. In many clubs, the secretary also provides the above functions for the board of directors, maintaining separate minutes and records of board meetings

Training Coordinator – Killian Nolan will go forward for re-election

The main roles of the training officer(s) are:

  • To ensure that members are aware of club sessions and try to ensure members attend appropriate number and type of sessions;
  • To work with the Swim Captain, Bike Captain and Run Captain to ensure the delivery of appropriate training sessions and plans;
  • To develop, implement and review as necessary recruitment procedures for all coaches and assistant coaches;
  • To work with the full coaching staff to ensure the delivery of appropriate training sessions;
  • To monitor and consider modifying the type and number of training sessions offered by the club as appropriate

Marketing & Web Site – Dara Lawlor is stepping down.

The main roles of the marketing, web and PR officer(s) are:

  • Update the website, activate and manage all accounts;
  • Post stories and source race reports;
  • Keep Facebook, Instagram and Twitter up to date;
  • All website admin;
  • Manage any additions to the website;
  • Manage official Club WhatsApp group;
  • Creating and distributing email newsletters; and
  • Writing & distributing press releases and handling press

Membership – Enda Marren will go forward for re-election

The main roles of the membership officer are:

  • Respond to membership inquiries (mostly via email);
  • Process any new membership requests;
  • Liaise with new members and new to Tri committee members;
  • Supply Westwood with regular updates of membership list for the issuing of access cards;
  • Make sure all members have TI membership and are insured to train;
  • Download membership list off TI website and keep membership up to date; and
  • Liaise with Triathlon Ireland on membership matters as

Finance – Stephen Eustace is stepping down; Susan Wylie is going forward for election

The main role of the Treasurer is to:

  • Oversee the financial affairs of the club and plan for its ongoing financial viability;
  • Manage the club financial accounts, and report on financial status to committee and members; and
  • Operate the club’s financial process, managing bank accounts and all related invoicing and payment matters for the

Social & Gear – : Sinead Plunkett will go forward for re-election, Susan Wylie is moving to Finance

  • Organise variety of social events during the year (Xmas party, Piranha Memorial Run post meet up, Club Champs afters, T.I. Awards night and any other random social activity that may arise);
  • AGM – organise nominations & prizes/trophies for all awards, locate and collate presentations; and
  • Organise any other random ideas that arise during the year. Gear; two orders per year – winter and preseason. Link with PR officer to activate gear shop & treasurer re payment & discounts, coordinate distribution of gear to members

New to Tri – Nora Gallagher and Marlon Major will go forward for re-election

The main roles of New to Tri include:

  • Create a calendar of events for the New to Tri programme;
  • Organise events such as: Club Open Night, Transition Training, Coffee Morning;
  • Track down and harass new members into signing up for races; and
  • Choose a race for the New to Triathlon Club Championship

Piranha Womens lead

 This person will be an existing committee member who has an interest in women’s development.

The Women’s Lead will be the point of contact for the club so that information on new projects, ideas, workshops and seminars would all be sent to them from Triathlon Ireland and other sources.

The Lead will also get the chance to engage in discussions about how women want the sport to develop and what areas Triathlon Ireland can build and improve on. The Lead will disseminate the information to the club and feedback any suggestions, issues and ideas from the club.

If the position cannot be taken by an existing committee member, a club member can take it on.

If you are interested in any of the above roles and/or require more details on what is involved please contact Claire (mailto:[email protected]) by Wednesday 2nd October 2019.


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