Piranha Member DCT Applications

Outlined below is the policy the Committee drafted last year with regard to Piranha members racing Dublin City Triathlon.

Key policy points

– A maximum of 10 members can race in any given year and where applicable, exemptions made for Cat 1 and Cat 2 athletes racing Super Sprint race only (due to limited races in the calendar for this type of event).

– In terms of determining eligibility for a successful application – the following criteria are to be applied:

> No member regardless of form of application will be allowed to race DCT for 2 consecutive years (Cat 1/Cat exemptions can be applied)
> Number of years in the club
> Number of years volunteered for DCT
> Active committee member
> Active club volunteer or lead
> In line to contribute to NS club Male/Female/Mixed team totals
> In line for individual NS AG or overall awards
> Committee discretion.

Should you wish to race DCT this year please send Club Secretary, Claire Gorman, an email ([email protected]) stating why you are eligible with the above criteria in mind.


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